Terraverde Residences

Terraverde Residences derived its name from latin word "terra" which means earth or land the Spanish word "Verde " which is green.Terra +Verde or green Earth .These 2 words aptly capture the development concept of the project which aims to create an alternative to city

living stripped of greens,


Project Location


Terraverde Residences is Located along Governor"s Drive in the bustling town of Camona ,

Cavite ,Governor: drive Connect the development to major highway, the south Expressway

and Emilio Aguinaldo Hi-way going to Cavitex ,this makes the project an ideal homes Location for those working in the commercial Business  District of manila {Via Cavitex }

and Alabang, Makati,Taguig and even as far as Ortegas area {via South Expressway } Public Transportation is available along governor,s Drive ferrying commuters to and from Alabang ,Binan and General Mariano Alvarez {GMA } area,


Carmona is located  on the Southeastern part of province of Cavite ,Approximately 36 Kilometer South  of Manila . it is bounded on the north. east and south by the municipality 

of Binan, Laguna , General Mariano Alvarez  G M A  on the northwest and Silang  on the

Southwest 1,


the topography of carmona is generally flat to strongly rolling or sloping  ,partly lowland and 

partly hill , Carmona is divided into four phiysioggraphical areas; the lowest lowland area the the central hilly area and  the upland  moutainous area 2,


Terraverde  Residences is Located in Barangay Bancal ,one of the 16 Barangay  of Carmona ,which is considered to be an upland area 3, it is situated at very elevation  and 

therefor make  it flood free.

Project Features


Terraverde Residences is a 10 hectare residential development ,the first phase of a 50 

hectare master planned community .it is designed to cater to middle income families to wanting to enjoy the comforts and stability of having a house they can call their own.


the master  planed community  will have  an area for  a main community  amenities  where the clubhouse ,swimming pool, playground and basketball court shall be located ,an area within the 50 hectare community was reserved to be possible location of a transfortation  and commercial activity center, this will further make everything accessble to future homeowner , 


other than the main Community Amenities, Terraverde  Residences Phase 1 will also have its own basketball court, landscaped park and playground and gate with guardhouse. 


Schedule for tripping

Monday to Sunday-8 am to 5 pm


Barangay Bancal Carmona Cavite

Email: cesar.andes@rocketmail.com


Cell:09173522251 / 09186622618

Model House



Micah Model

Lot Area_63 sqm.

Floor Area_25 sqm.

Total Contract Price _816.900


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Eloisa Model

Lot Area_63 sqm.

Floor Area_37 sqm.

Total Contract Price_1,010,200


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Hannah Model

Lot Area_50 sqm.

Floor Area_80 sqm.

Total Contract Price_1,583,00


2 bedrooms


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Samantha Model

Lot Area_119 sqm.

Floor Area_63 sqm.

Total Contract Price_2,120,850

3 bedrooms


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Olivia Model

Lot Area_119 sqm.

Floor Area_84 sqm.

Total Contract Price_2,677.950

3 bedrooms.


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1. Photo copy of two [ 2 ] Gov't valid Id"s  { Principal Buyer and spouse if Married ]

2. Photo copy of Pag-ibig card or MID ID

3. Photo copy  of Birth Certificate

4. Photo copy  of Marriage Contract  { if Married }

5. Latest Original Proof of Billing or Barangay Certificate

6. Reservation Fee

7. 3 pcs.1x1 picture with signature at the Back

8. ESAV  Employee's Statement of Accumulated Value { Print Out }

9. Borrower's Subsidiary Ledger { if with existing Multi-purpose Loan



Additional Requirement for Regularly Employed 

1. Latest Original 1 month Payslip { Ex March 1-31 2016 }

2. Latest Original Certificate of Employment with compensation

3. ITR 2016 or Certificate of Non_Tax

Additional Requirement for OFW

1. Latest Pag_Ibig receipt or ESAV

2. Approved MSVS

3. Colored Copy of passport all pages with entry and Exit point

4. Job Contract with Pag_Ibig stump or Consul

5. OEC {Overseas Employment Certificate or OWWA  overseas 

                               Worker Welfare Administration

6. Visa IQAMA or Residence ID

7. Consularized or Notarized Special Power of Attorney

8. Clored copy of two 2 Valid ID's of SPA


Additional Requirement for OFW -sea Based


1. Seaman 's Job Contract

2. Seaman Book

3. E_Ticket

For More Information;


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EMAIL. ADD-acrealty03@gmail.com

Email; Address: cesar.andes@rocketmail.com